第二屆澳門職業英語比賽 The 2nd Macao Vocational English Contest

  • 活動名稱:第二屆澳門職業英語比賽 The 2nd Macao Vocational English Contest
  • 報名開始:未開放報名
  • 比賽簡介

    主辦單位 Organiser

    澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心 Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center(CPTTM) 


    贊助單位 Sponsor

    培生香港 Pearson Hong Kong


    支持單位 Supporting Units

    高等教育局 The Higher Education Bureau (DSES), 教育暨青年局The Education & Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ)

    比賽目的 Objective

    鼓勵澳門旅遊從業員提升英語能力,以有助澳門作為世界旅遊休閒中心的持續發展。To encourage the practitioners of the Macao travel and tourism-related service sector to enhance their English skill, so as to support the sustainable development of Macao as the world center of tourism and leisure.


    本屆比賽行業主題 Theme  

    觀光及旅遊服務業職業英語 Vocational English in the Travel and Tourism-related Service Sector


    參賽方式及資格 Eligibility


    學生組 - 澳門中學及大專院校學生 (需提供全隊組員之有效學生證及身份證副本)

    公開組 - 年滿18歲的澳門居民 (以2021年1月31日之年齡為準)或持有效外地僱員身份認別證之在澳工作人士 (每隊參賽隊伍必須至少有一名組員為澳門居民,需提供全隊組員之澳門身份證或或有效外地僱員身份認別證副本)



    The contest is divided into two categories: “Students” and “General Public”

    The “Students” category: for students from high schools, colleges and universities in Macao (contestants need to provide copies of valid Macao Student Card and identity document)

    The “General Public” category: for Macao citizens aged 18 or above as of January 31, 2021 or Macao non-resident workers holding valid Non-resident Worker's Identification Card (at least one of the members of a contesting team must be Macao Resident; contestants need to provide copies of Macao Resident Identity Card or valid Non-resident Worker's Identification Card)

    Contestants can choose to participate on individual or team basis (with a maximum of 5 members per team)

    Each contestant/contesting team can participate in only one of the categories


    作品要求及規格Specifications for the Video:






    短片的檔案大小不得超過1 GB,完成拍攝後以wmv/mpeg/mpeg2/mp4/mov/ m4a格式存檔,並上載到自行開設的雲端儲存媒體或YouTube (非公開連結),作遞交作品之用。


    Each contestant/contesting team is to record a short video (limit to 5 minutes in length) using smartphone, digital camera or other simple video recording device (opening credits and end credits are considered as part of the duration of the video).

    The content of the video must carry the theme of this edition of the contest, that is, workplace English used by practitioners of the travel and tourism-related service sector.

    The style of content delivery (for example, through drama or teaching session etc.) is up to the choice of the contestant/contesting team.

    The video must contain subtitles in Chinese and English.

    Each contestant/contesting team has to provide a team name, the title of the video and an introduction of the video within 100 words in Chinese.




    金獎 - 獎座乙個、獎金澳門元4000及 PTE General 教材一份

    銀獎 - 獎座乙個、獎金澳門元3000及 PTE General 教材一份

    銅獎 - 獎座乙個、獎金澳門元2000及 PTE General 教材一份

    創意獎  - 獎座乙個、獎金澳門元1000及 PTE General 教材一份

    凡參賽作品獲確認為符合參賽條件,每名參賽者/參賽隊伍隊員可在指定日期免費參與一次「Pearson PTE General英語考試」,最高價值為澳門元1770。


    One Gold, one Silver, one Bronze and one Creativity Award will be awarded to each of the categories:

    Gold – A trophy and MOP 4,000 cash prize and one set of PTE General textbook

    Silver – A trophy and MOP 3,000 cash prize and one set of PTE General textbook

    Bronze – A trophy and MOP 2,000 cash prize and one set of PTE General textbook

    The Creativity Award – A trophy and MOP1,000 cash prize and one set of PTE General textbook


    Once the video entry has been confirmed as meeting the contest requirements, every contestant/member of a contesting team will be offered a free-on-charge registration in one “Pearson PTE General English Test” (with a valued of up to MOP 1,770) held on specified dates.


    Download contest specification for more details on  terms & conditions

  • 報名方法

    先報名 » 後提交作品

    參賽者/參賽隊伍必須於2021年1月31日或之前進行網上報名(在中心的比賽網頁https://events.cpttm.org.mo/competition/114 上登記),並按要求將身份證明文件電郵至vqa@cpttm.org.mo (電郵標題請註明“第二屆職業英語比賽”、參賽組別及隊名)。

    Enroll online, then submit the video

    Registration online.
    Each contestant/contesting team is required to enrol online by or before January 31, 2021 (visit https://events.cpttm.org.mo/competition/114 to enroll) and send the required identity documents to vqa@cpttm.org.mo (stating “The 2nd Macao Vocational English Contest”, contest category and team name in the email subject).




    After enrollment, each contestant/contesting team is required to submit the title of the video, introduction of the video within 100 words in Chinese and the link to the video and sent via email to vqa@cpttm.org.mo (stating “The 2nd Macao Vocational English Contest” entry submission and team name in the email subject) during the period of February 1, 2021 to February 21, 2021 (by 8:00 pm). Unless the organiser has announced an extension of the deadline, no late submission will be accepted.

  • 注意事項










    1.Each contestant/contesting team must agree to abide by the terms and rules stated in this pamphlet; the organiser has the right to disqualify a team from the contest if a contestant/any member of a contesting team violates these terms and rules.

    2.All entries must be original works and produced exclusively by the contestants/contesting teams, and have not been published previously or submitted for other contests or activities; the organiser will disqualify the team from the contest if such violation is discovered.

    3.No entry can be involved in any business activity or publicity; the contestants/contesting teams must ensure that their entries do not infringe any intellectual property rights of other persons; for an entry that is found to have violated copyright legislation and other laws, the organiser has the right to disqualify the concerned contestant/contesting team from the contest, and the concerned contestant/contesting team will be solely responsible for the liability or claims arising thereof.

    4.Submitted works will not be returned to contestants/contesting teams, regardless whether they have won any prize or not; the copyright and the right of use of all entries belong to the organiser; the organiser can use the entries, in whole or in part, for promotion purpose, and has the right to modify, copy, display, play, promote, publish and upload (onto the internet) the entries, as well as to use them for training purpose, and no prior notice nor extra payment needs to be given to the contestants/contesting teams.

    5.The decision of the judging panel on the results and rankings of the contest is final; no dispute can be raised by the contestants/contesting teams.

    6.The organiser reserves the right to terminate the contest or modify its terms, rules and arrangements without prior notice.

    7.The organiser reserves the rights of final decision and interpretation of the terms and results of this contest.

    報名及查詢 Enquiry

    澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心 – 標準、管理及培訓考試部(專業發展)

    CPTTM – Standards, Management, Training & Assessment Department (Professional Development)

    電話 Tel: 88980842 (呂先生Mr. Loi)

    地址: 澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心-總辦事處(新口岸上海街中華總商會大廈七樓)

    Address: CPTTM Head Office (Rua de Xangai 175, Edf. ACM 7 Andar, Macau)