Mobile Application Technologies Training Program(2019) 報名

  • 主題:Mobile Application Technologies Training Program(2019)
  • 主辦方:Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau
  • 協辦方:Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau, S.A.R.L.‎ China Telecom (Macau) Limitada Hutchison-Telefone (Macau), Limitada Smartone - Comunicações Móveis, S.A.
  • 日期:2019/04/08 09:00AM - 11:59PM
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    With the aim of training local mobile app developers in Macao and facilitating the development of ICT industry, Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) cooperates with Macao's mobile telecommunications operators to carry out a training program regarding mobile application technologies. In view of the success of the "Training Course on Mobile Electronic Payment Development Technologies" last year and considering the development of information and communication technologies (ICT), a course of the same theme is being pursued this year in order to train more IT talents in this area, promoting the widespread application of electronic payment technologies in Macao and promoting the progress of smart city and e-commerce in Macao.



    The training course is based on the theme of mobile electronic payment development technology. Teaching the main tools and application technologies of current electronic payment, and provides participants with the main procedures and skills for developing relevant mobile applications. The details are as follows:


    Name of the Course

    Training Course on Mobile Electronic Payment Development Technology


    Target Audiences

    Interested in learning and developing mobile electronic payment applications, with mobile or web programming capabilities (with mobile app development or web development experience, and prioritized by relevant workers), and knowledge of mobile communication technologies, 18 years of age or above Macau residents.



    • Introduction on the application of electronic payment (e-payment)
    • Types of e-payment currently in operating in Macao
    • Different forms and technologies for online payment
    • Different forms and techniques of scanning code payment
    • New modern payment methods
    • Electronic payment data security and management system
    • Payment Development methods and tools 
    • Integrated application of e-payment and Free Wi-Fi (application examples with FreeWiFi.MO API)
    • Example of developing e-payment via the Web
    • Example of developing e-payment through the Android platform
    • Considerations for securing data in mobile apps 
    • Briefing on the application of blockchain technology


    Date & Time

    15 June – 3 August, 2019 Every Saturday, 14:30 – 17:30



    8 sessions, 24 hours






    Centro de Produtividade e Transferência de Tecnologia de Macau - Centro de Tecnologias de Informação (Cyber-Lab), 4.° andar


    Teaching form

    Theory and practice






    A training certificate is issued to trainees who have an attendance rate of 80% or higher during the course (at least 7 sessions).


  • 報名方法

    Date of application

    From 9:00 on April 8, 2019 to 17:45 on April 30, 2019


    Date of publication of admission list

    It will be announced on or before May 31, 2019, through the CTT (Telecommunications) web page, with authorized trainees notified individually.


    Application conditions

    Participants must meet the following conditions:

    (1) Above 18 years old (born before 31 December 2001) and holding Macao resident identity card;

    (2) With mobile app or web programming skills (with experience in mobile application development or web development, and prioritization of relevant workers), as well as knowledge of mobile communication technologies.

    Note: Due to the limit of the vacancies, if there is an excessive number of candidates that meet the mentioned conditions, the list of admission will be made by lot.


    Tution fee


  • 注意事項

    1. The personal information provided by the applicants is only used for this activity.

    2. The organizer reserves the right to amend all terms and regulations of this program, and reserves the final decision in any litigation.


    For enquiries

    Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau
    Telephone:(853) 8396 8133 / (853) 8396 8134
    Web site:
    Office hour:Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 17:45; Friday 9:00 – 17:30
    Address:Largo do Senado, Edifício sede dos CTT, Macau